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Beginning today I am posting my original classical guitar method in sections. The first section contains all introductory materials. Then every week I will post a lesson. Be sure to read the foreword  as it presents the rationale for my contribution of yet another method for the beginner. I hope you find it useful.

NEW PIECES ADDED! (see below)

Recently added pieces
01/05/24: Guitar Method Lesson 14                                                                                                   01/12/24: Guitar Method Lesson 15                                                                                                   01/19/24: Guitar Method Lesson 16                                                                                                 01/26/24: Guitar Method Lesson 17                                                                                                   02/03.24: Guitar Method Lesson 18                                                                                                   02/09/24: Guitar Method Lesson 19                                                                                                   02/17/24: Guitar Method Lesson 20
IMPORTANT: New pieces will be placed at the end of the alphabetical listing in the FREE DOWNLOADS section for ease in locating them. After a time they will then be placed in correct alphabetical order. 


Book of transcriptions of Bach's 2-part Inventions by Ken Hummer published by Alfred Music.

The Nutcracker Suite arranged for guitar by Ken Hummer and published by Alfred Music

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